Pangea is bringing the world together one person at a time, through it’s ability to offer excellent products and services at prices that simply can’t be matched. With complete clarity to its mission and vision Pangea is not only concerned with it’s own customers, but also has made a commitment to make the world a better place.

With our “green” initiative we have made a conscious decision to make sure everything we do internally has the world in mind. In addition, we are fully committed to donating over 6 figures back to the charities we believe in, on an annual basis through our STAR 1M program. We don’t just talk about helping the world...we do it!

Our executive team has a vast amount of experience in many areas of international and ecommerce business, and you can rest assure you will be in great hands as a Pangea customer.

James Ward

Co-Founder and President & CEO

James Ward is the CEO & Co-Founder of Pangea. James has been in the ecommerce industry for over 10 years, and has extensive experience in the direct marketing, sales strategies, and building businesses from the ground up. As a seasoned motivational speaker and trainer James is a energetic leader with passion for team building and helping people succeed.

James has an amazing track record in our industry as his companies have generated over $30 Million is sales through over 60,000 paid customers from over 200 countries.

James graduated with Bachelors in Finance in 1999 and before entering the ecommerce industry he had a successful career with one of the top Wall street firm as he managed over 100 million dollars of clients assets. James currently works very closely with new entrepreneurs from around the world and is a catalyst for many different business success stories in multiple industries.

James was born and raised in Bentonville, Arkansas. He went to college in St. Louis, Missouri and then moved back to his hometown, where he lives with his wife Erin and his two daughters Tatum and Jensen.

Sam Fuentes

Co-Founder & COO

Sam has over 21 years of experience in International business and more than 15 years of experience in the direct selling industry. Before teaming up with Pangea, Sam worked for several global companies as General Manager, Branch Manager, Supply Chain Specialist, Director of Sales and the latest as Vice President of Global Sales

Samuel was born and raised in Saltillo, Mexico and lives in Tampico, Mexico with his two children (Luisa Fernanda, and Rodrigo Samuel, Jr.). Sam is fully bilingual in English and Spanish, as well as fully proficient in Brazilian Portuguese. His vast experience makes him a key asset in our Global Operations, and expansion. Sam has a Bachelor´s degree in Business Management, from the National University of Mexico. He also attended school in the state of Utah, in the USA as an undergraduate student.

Sam loves sports and practiced soccer, football, Track & Field, and volleyball throughout his youth. Now, Sam loves to fish, hunt, golf, and scuba dive with his family.

Sam is a family man, and firmly believes that our children are the future; we must guide them correctly, by example. We must always remember we can achieve many things by helping others.